We're hurtling towards future seasons. Come with? image

We're hurtling towards future seasons. Come with?

We've danced with puppets, we've toyed with youth , we've eaten apples and gained knowledge, we fell in and out of love, and haunted our audiences in Sleepy Hollow! See what adventures await Hip Pocket Theatre!

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The Adventure Continues!

Hip Pocket Theatre ventures forth into its 47th season. We hope you'll tag along. Because you are the reason we're still here. Just like you, we isolated in 2020 and early 2021. We were lucky, though, to be an outdoor theatre, so we were able to open up for our 45th season this year. But we opened with great care and safe distancing and smaller house capacities.

Normally, we would be going into schools and hospitals with our incredible outreach program and team. However, we are not yet at the point of being able to do that. We hope to begin again in early 2022.

BUT, we are bursting with ideas for the mid-off season, and can hardly wait to share those with you. We wish we didn't have to say this, but it takes money to do the things we regularly do - putting on shows in the summer season and doing workshop-performances throughout the year, and so much more. So from time to time, we will ask for your help. We're counting on YOU to help us be true to our Hip Pocket roots and share some amazing adventures together.

After all, it's not fun unless you're with us.

Photo by Loli Kantor